Participate In a Real-Life, Cannonball Run Event!

Cannonball Extreme is a true-to-life Cannonball-Run type of event that starts in Dallas, Texas and ends up in San Diego, CA!    Fun and adventure is guaranteed!    Using $3,000 or less you must buy a car, drive it to San Diego, and sell the car all while keeping with your theme!

The team that gets to San Diego in the least amount of time, with the most points, without breaking the law, wins.    Get a ticket…you’re out!     We take safety seriously.

Dallas, TX

Mile 0

4 Days

24+ Hours of Driving
Wednesday to Saturday

San Diego, CA

1561 Miles

Who Does This?

Ah-HA!… its YOU!… Dont be scared and wimp out,  be the one to tell all your friends about how much crazy fun we had goofin’ and tearin’ up the asphalt, don’t be the one whining to your mommy about… how you “shoulda”… how you “coulda”…

Well here we are presenting you with a Great Adventure for young and old alike and this is your chance ’cause… it’s gonna be extreme fun!

Look at us…  grindin’ gears… scorching earth, competing challenges mile after mile… we’ll do it, we’ll see it, and we will come back to tell about it… with pictures, great friends and scars to prove it! This will be something you will want to tell your grandkids about.,, 
Now it’s YOUR turn to step up and join us…

…but wait… before you do  you need to know the RULES!

Why We Race?

Beside all the Galmour, Prestige and Trophy 
Cannonball Extreme for Youth Extreme is a fundraiser tool to build youth ministry/sports complexes throughout Nicaragua. We are committed to providing a safe and secure place for Nicaraguan youth to gather in order to experience personal growth in a positive environment. Each complex cost $70,000 to build. 

Each TEAM will be committed to raising their $3000 entry fee that will go directly to the construction of these facilities. All funds are processed through our local churches since they have experience in meeting all governmental obligations and the transferring of funds to missionaries abroad. 

 In 2017 Ride Extreme where we raced motorcycles from Dallas to Nicaragua over $300k was raised to build these structures and with many more to build all across the country in 2020 we are shooting for a $1M.

Schedule of Events

  • Wednesday 
    Starting Line Party with Breakfast
    Receive List of Challenges
    Ft Stockton, TX – Meetup, Socialize, Speaker, Dinner, Scoreboard
  • Thursday
    Morning: Receive List of Challenges – Will be tougher so prepare!
    Tucson, AZ – Meetup, Socailaize, Dinner, Scoreboard
  • Friday
    Morning: Receive Final List of Challenges
    San Diego California – Here we come!
  • Saturday
    Sightseeing – Beach – Zoo – Enjoy!
    Sell Your Car – Carmax or anyone who will give you $$
    End of Race Dinner Party with Awards
  • Sunday (Optional)
    Morning Church Service with our Partner Church
    Fly Home – Recuperate – Tell all your friends about your awesome time!


Resources for Racers


Registration and payment can be done thru this website. Once registered you will also be give acces to the Private Facebook Group just for those Racing along with all the tips and tricks for making this a sucessfull fun race.  Must be over 18 years old to drive in this race.


First order of business after Registering is to find that Racing Machine.  Remember you can spend no more than $3000 to purchase and then get Road Ready (not including maintance and tires)  after that what ever you want to spend to make it “UNIQUE” is up to you!  Points for the most creative…  The Goal is to finish safely with the car you started in.

What to Expect

Teams of 2 to 5 per car.
All Hotels / Fuel / Flights extra Activites and Food Cost not included – we will make all the reservations so we can stay together and make it easy as possible.

Video / Picture everything #CannonballExtreme everyone will want to experience with you.


How to Win

This is not a Race of Speed.  While coming in 1st has it advantages, completing challenges along the way, weighs heavy in points. 
This race is designed so that eveyone of all ages can compete.  No one can complete all the challenges and make it to that days pit stop in time so choose wisely,  and Remember all rules of the road MUST be followed.  If it is determined that a contestants average MPH exceeds the speed limits or if a contestant is cited for any violation of the law they can be disqualified and will not receive a refund.  

Learn More About our Challenges and Point System Here  ——–>


We dont like to bog things down with tons of Rules but we do need to establish some so that everyone is on the same page – Safety is Priority 1, Don’t Ruin it for your team by disregarding the Rules of the Road   ———>  Check out the rest of the Rules HERE


First Place Points
Second Place Points
First Place Heats

Other prizes will be awarded for:

Best costume/car , best story, best photo, best social media awareness #cannonballextreme and best “investment” (which team “makes the most/loses the least” from his vehicle transaction after the sale).

A special prize for “Celebrity Involvement” will be awarded. Let’s say your team spots The Rock eating a chicken fried steak at a Luby’s in El Paso, or you notice Matthew Mcconaughey driving his Lincoln thru a Yuma Arizona Krispy Kreme – take a picture, man! Its gonna be worth something! 


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Thank You To Our Partners

Extreme Fundraising events like these have been instrumental in raising 100s of thousands of Dollars for Missions in Nicaragua, the impact this will have will be felt thru generations of hundreds Nicaruaguans who otherwise had no hope or opportunites.  God always provides and its awesome how he uses these creative extreme sports like this to create such a great impact for the greatest of all good!

Brian Weed, fulltime missionary nicaragua – familia avance nicaragua

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